Every toddler is unique. The most appropriate care occurs in an environment that feels like home where children are free to explore and teachers encourage their emerging interests. Using the five senses is the most natural way for toddlers to learn.

Our toddler program provides choices while supporting curiosity.

  • Planned Experiences: activities to support learning through exploration

  • Sensory: messy area that includes art activities

  • Dramatic Play: home living area

  • Language: cozy “get away” place to relax with a book

  • Small Muscle: discovery area with manipulatives to dump and fill


We recognize that children learn about their world primarily through exploration and play. Through exploration and play, children gain opportunities to understand concepts, solve problems, develop creativity, practice motor skills, gain self confidence, develop relationships, and improve communication skills. Since children are naturally curious and have an innate love of learning, we design our day to encourage this motivation to learn and develop in a self-directed manner.

Each week we choose a sound of the week, a math concept and numbers, a learning theme, character traits, and then plan activities around these concepts. Planned activities nurture the children’s curiosity and help them develop as confident learners. Our children use “hands-on” activities to discover and understand our world. We promote learning in literacy, mathematics, science, art, Spanish, and practical life.

Our Philosophy

At Peppermint Patty's, we believe that children should be exposed to hands-on activities throughout the day. We strive to promote a happy and successful child so that each child reaches their fullest potential.

Learning starts with that first small step, taken with confidence and pride. Along the way, our children are instilled with social graces, discipline, and respect for themselves and their environment.

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